Self-organization in physics and biology, walking droplets, turbulence and nonlinear physics, meeting in memory of Yves Couder

Paris, 4-7 June 2024

International meeting in the honor of  Yves Couder (1941-2019)

Organized by

Université de Paris-Cité and The Ecole Normale Supérieure-PSL*

Yves Couder (1941-2019) had a tremendous scientific impact in such fields as turbulence, dendritic growth, the Saffman-Taylor instability, plant morphogenesis and walking droplets, as well as in many disparate areas of non-linear physics, ranging from biological self-organization to urban development. This meeting aims at bringing together scientists working in these fields who have been inspired by the man and/or his work, and to highlight and discuss new avenues of science in the field of non-linear condensed matter physics.